Friday, August 17, 2012

Time to Chill.

The first exam is over. Got some time to make something!

I made a few little stamps today, a la Geninne
(By the way, her new book--totally on the birthday list. Feel free to consult Mr. Alex G. Kerr for details.) 
And a la me!
And also, a la some mockingbird feathers from our yard. If you forgot from the last post, we have the best yard ever. 

OH, and yesterday the mockingbirds were totally eating the suet. Internet advertising. New believer. Personal story.

The tools! I'm happy to say that I'm functioning under a new philosophy:
use the art stuff I have to
As in, don't let it OR my creativity pile up.
I like it so far. :)


  1. that's a good philosophy. i've been trying that lately. by that i mean, mostly trying to not buy any new artsy things. but then i make a trip to micheals to get 'just this one thing' and i

    like the stamps! it'll inspire ben to make some of his own cause i bought him the same stuff for his bday. :)

  2. Very fun! I don't have the space for very many crafting supplies (nor was it cost effective to move all my crafting supplies out here) but I somehow manage to keep my creative juices flowing with cooking :-P

  3. @ Jordyn: A Michael's "failure" is next year's craft! :) hehe. But I know. I signed up for their membership card. Forehead smack! :) Oh well. And also, Geninne has a lil stamp tutorial and I thought it was pretty nifty--it's on her right hand sidebar.
    I LOVE IT! I didn't know I liked cutting stuff so much.

    @ Alicia: haha, juices! That was a good un. :)

  4. cute!! i wish i were creative like you :)

    new follower, please stop on by:

  5. THere is not such person as Alex G Kerr!!!!! But...
    your new stamps are awesome, most inspiring!!!

  6. Oooh I wants to make stamps, I love stamps! These are crazy cute.
    ps. We still need to make coasters... I should do some internet searches for how to go about doing that after our test...