Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Happy Day in the Neighborhood!

Our yard is full of lovely surprises! See how many good things can come from a tiny space when it's dearly loved....

1. Late season yummies: I can't believe it! There are still berries on this bush! Maybe I can't believe it because I don't know anything about blackberries. But I got to nibble about 2 of those little mini berry subunits and it was fabulous!

2. Spongy weird post-rain friends. These babies have been growing over the week's storms. They sort of boing! when you flick them. And the lil ones have tan hats to protect their heads until they grow up.

3. Muscadines. Or scuppernongs, whichever. Anyway, they grow from the neighbors' yard, but we get to eat them since they are on our side of the fence. They've been taunting us ever since we moved in and finally they are ready! De-licious :)

4. The softest, most wonderful blueberry leaves you could ever touch.

5. A mostly-dead rose bush that still made me two roses this week. Of course I plucked them right off and they're in the house. :)
Looks crappy, ... well it pretty much is crappy, but that's okay.

6. Some happy zinnias! (Esther Albright!) No blooms yet, but look how they're growing!

7. Morning glories that have just found the fence. Thigmotropism, anyone? (Elizabeth Hildreth, Esther Albright)


8. I lassoed this piece of machinery into our tree. No really, I lassoed it. There were a few puzzled witnesses on the street, but nothing can stop me from a chance at luring hungry birds into my lair! Anyway, it's from Grandma and it holds suet for the birdies. So far, it has only been feeding ants. Ants, by the way, ubiquitous in our yard 24/7. 27/4. All the time, people. Everywhere. It's weird.
Anyway, here's hoping the birds across town will read this post and hop over to our yard for a feast. Seriously, why don't my birds want this dripping nutty-fat goodness?

9. The last little geranium petal after the storm whipped the rest of them off. Nice green, though. Who's complaining?

10. And finally, just enough grass to keep a man happy on a Sunday afternoon. :) As long as he doesn't bonk his head on the suet trap. Ew.
Here's to more enzymes! One day maybe we'll be prescribing drugs for protein transport deficiencies.


  1. Love that morning glory wrapping around the fence! Such a pretty yard with so many glorious gifts! Makes for a GOOD study break to refresh your weary mind!

  2. Am sure you will treat things we found untreatable, and learn about diseases we never knew existed, or called them by another name. Have seen that happen more than once, same with your lovely enzymes, many of them now go by another nomenclature!!!!