Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Last Few Days

1: My great-grandmother's sewing machine. Check it out, Memaw!
2, 3: In the process of making a sleeve for my new laptop.
4: After three meltdowns, a tasty supper by the Stir Fry King who is my husband (I ate on the floor
because I didn't feel worthy to sit in a chair after cutting crooked), and a few failures at the top seam...
I actually like it! I really like it!
Can we say self-esteem issues? Yes, we can. But this little project did a lot for me.
Thanks, Alex. Thanks, beautiful cloth. Thanks, Lord.

Meanwhile, the baby wrens are bursting with excitement to soar out of their nests!
They hop. They flop. They make a lot of noise. But in the end, they spread those mini wings and do it!
You should take a moment to identify with this little guy. :)

This is Dick's Creek. Lovely! We went there the other day.
However, we forgot to bring our cigarettes, so we were unable to join in the festivities
occurring beside the creek.
Next time, guys.
Yeah, anyway, it's fabulous and I don't know if they have places like this in Augusta,
so we'll have to come back and visit occasionally.
Some pretties I got at Gateway Antiques of Dahlonega! Except the spools, which are from the General Store.
Really, people. There are things to do in Dahlonega.
Plus, they have festivals like every weekend in the summer! You say mountain men, I say party animals!

We went to food trucks with Ben and Jordyn! Amazing!
End with gelato and fancy pops for a flava burst o' joy!

We got some goodies today at the Wholesome Earth place in Nuggetville.
The soap is a ridiculously gorgeous, loud spearmint.
Judy, it would probably make you gag, you don't have to smell it.
I love it. Plus, check out the swirls!
We also found some peanut butter powder that you mix with water.
Jordyn was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it.
It's pretty good. Less sweet, more salty, nice texture. Overall yum.
Also, those are sprouts in the jar. 

Specifically, alfalfa, mung beans, broccoli, radish, and something else. 
Alex put them in a jar and rinses them twice a day.
Today, we ate them in our salad, woohoo! Cool beans. (haha. like mung beans. ha. yeah.)

Sprout close-up. Nice!

My soap and some lil thingies I made yesterday.