Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Happy Saturday

Jon and Judy came up and met us at Turner's Corner Cafe. That's "Turner's Corner," then "Cafe." It's not a Corner Cafe. 
Go figure.

It's right next to the creek and they have awesome lemon crunch Bundt Cake. And it's extra good because then the lady says "Okay, I'll bring your butt cake right out!" hehe. Gets me every time. :)

And while you're eating, people on motorcycles are going in and out all the time making a heck of a noise and being as varied as Jelly Belly jelly beans.

One guy rode in with his girlfriend. Also, his tiny fluffy dog. And the bike was covered in leather. I mean, you could only see leather, feathers, beads, and the tires. 
These people don't take originality lightly.
That's all I'm sayin'.

This is us parking at the wrong place.
Sure was pretty. :)

Oh, did I mention we also went to Three Sisters Winery and I didn't bring my wallet? Yeah. Everybody tasted without me. That's okay, I got to sniff it all. :)

Back at the casa, the four of us took a walk.

I brought my camera on the walk. Thus, I'm far enough behind to take everyone's picture. :) And thus, I stood in once place so long taking pictures of the same thistles that I got about a dozen bites on my feet. 

Worth. it.

After dark, we walked around looking at the fireflies. Glittery happy valley.

We're going to miss this lil house. :)


  1. pretties! are you picasa-ing or something different & cooler?

  2. Nope, I'm just playing with them. I got a new computer. This means I'm changing my ways! :) ...or just being on here longer :) hehe. Eeee can't wait to see you guys Friday!
    I am getting better though, I'm glad!

  3. Too fun. That is a beautiful yard!

  4. Turner Cafe . . . Nice (Josh not Kayla)