Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Saturday

  Today's the day!
"What day?" you may ask.
The day, I say! The day that is today.
The moments you experience now are the only ones you really have. 
Have them! (What would you like for them to be?)

  Saturday is Muffin day. :)
 Also some of our window friends.

These are our frequent visitors!
Until today, I haven't been able to quite get that fabulous blue.
Also, it was snowing!

Several weeks ago, I drew our blue friends and never got around to watercoloring them:

Clearly, our little fatties are the Eastern species. 
The US is split in half because the top one only lives in the Eastern half. Brilliant. :)

Happy Saturday, everyone! 



  1. oh my gosh look at your stinking succulents!!!!!! i'm so jealous of you!!!!
    and the bird, woah, that bird is blue! love it! keep blogging please!?!

  2. :) That was fun. There will be more!

  3. beautiful contrast with those bluebirds, perfect